Meet Us

Colleen Flaherty, CSCS

Head Coach | Educator

Colleen Flaherty, CEO of CO/CREATE and head coach of MomRX. As a pregnancy and postpartum movement course creator, soccer coach, and conference presenter, she uses her background as a former soccer player and athlete to teach strength and resiliency of body, heart, and mind.

With a passion for serving women and families during their procreation adventures, she works with coaches, gyms, and individuals to create adaptability through smart, specific movement programming and lifestyles to prepare individuals for living their best life. She believes it’s better to be an asset rather than a liability, and we must educate ourselves to be the best for our community.

Colleen has spoken for several organizations such as DONA and is associated with NSCA, Spinning Babies, Postpartum Support International, and CrossFit.

(585) 261-3743

How Colleen Serves:
  • Classes
  • In-Home training
  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • CEU Course
  • Active YouTube Channel
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